.: OSG Product Range

As Mercury Gauging & Toolong are a main agent for OSG Europe we are able to supply an extensive range of their products.

These range from taps, standard Drills, Deep Hole Drills, Endmills/cutters, Reamers & D'andrea products.

Internal & External Thread Gauges

Deep Hole Drilling Carbide & HSSE

.: High Performance OSG Drills

EX-SUS GOLD DRILLS - Precision stub & regular drills in 0.01 increments, perform on a wide range of materials, in steels & Aluminium's. HSS-E vanadium based, tin coated gives; Higher wear resistance, High tool rigidity, Very high precision drilling, High feed rates through low cutting resistance, and wide material application.

SUS Drill - Videol

SOLID CARBIDE DRILLS - The drill is manufactured with newly developed thinning, giving excellent rigidity. Enabling stable drilling and a sharp cutting edge, without honing, thus, gives higher feed rates with a low cutting resistance.

.: Non Step Deep Drilling

(1) Revolutionary NON-STEP drilling in a 30 * Dia hole. (2) FX Carbide drill with oil hole series. (3) Highly efficient drilling in stainless & aluminium. (4) Unique flute form and FX coating with superior heat and wear resistance. (5) Reduces cycle time. (6) Longer tool life. (7) Excellent chip discharge.

Deep Hole Drilling - Video

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.: Milling Cutters

Mercury can offerthe extensive range of OSG High Performance DIN series of Milling Cutters in the following materials.

(1) Carbide (2) XPM {Extra Powder Metallurgy} (3) PM {Powder Metallurgy}

(4) HSS Cobalt {C08} (5) HSSE {V3} (6) HSS

Surface finish available; TIAN, TICN, TIN, NITRIDE, STEAM OXIDE & DIAMOND.

.: D'andrea Products

Mercury can now supply from OSG the full range of D'andrea Toolholders and attachments at highly competitive prices.

We can offer the MODULAR D'andrea high precision modular toolholder system for boring, milling, drilling & tapping.

Also AUTORADIAL automatic facing heads and high precision monobloc toolholders system.


Von Ruden Live Tooling

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